The Prime Coral Difference

Prime Coral has spent over 2 decades identifying and procuring the rarest and most colorful corals in the world for a private collection in Florida. Frags of these beautiful, healthy corals are now available to the public. Some of these corals were acquired from other reputable collectors and bear their name. Most however were brought in as wild colonies and have been thriving in our reef systems. Our collection keeps only the “best of the best” color morph for common types of coral. We do not offer corals unless they have exceptional beauty and health.

We offer our coral frags in one of two ways: a custom frag and a WYSIWYG frag. Custom frags are “made to order”. Find a coral you want a frag of and submit a request including size. The custom frags will be fragged on a first come first served basis. A waiting list is available for both WYSIWYG and custom frags.

Our specialty is Acropora, however we have exceptional specimens of soft coral and LPS as well as other SPS. As collectors of rare colorful corals, we are open to purchasing corals we do not currently possess. Thank you.