Prime Coral Certified Aquaculture Vendor

Never before has our hobby experienced so many coral diseases causing an epidemic of coral death.


     Though there are many commercial products available, none are effective against microscopic RTN and STN parasites and coral bleaching. Only Prime Coral products are effective at treating and eliminating microscopic ciliated protozoans known to infect coral and cause RTN, STN, and bleaching. These parasites live within the coral tissue and skeleton infecting the corals gastrovascular cavity. The parasites have evolved over millions of years to become the apex predator of corals. Unfortunately, because these protozoan parasites are microscopic they have gone undetected by scientist and hobbyist alike for decades. In 2018, Dr. Ara Deukmedjian preformed a series of experiments on cultured coral proving that the ciliated protozoans cause coral RTN, STN, and bleaching. Shortly afterwards, under the direction of Dr. Deukmedjian, Prime Coral Labs developed a highly effective coral dip, Prime Coral STOP RTN. The dip removes common pests such as: black bugs, acropora eating flatworms, acropora eating nudibranchs, montipora eathing nudibranchs, RTN and STN parasites, coral bleaching, and eggs. In addition, Prime Coral Labs developed an in-tank treatment, Prime Coral Prevent RTN. The in-tank treatment eliminates free swimming microscopic RTN and STN parasites found in the water column and on substrate. The combination of the two treatments provides the most protection in combating RTN, STN and coral bleahing.

Prime Coral has developed a protocol to combat and effectivly eliminate the ciliated protozoan coral parasites from our coral reef systems. Coral vendors that strictly follow Prime Corals recommended protocol to combat the RTN and STN parasites are awarded the Prime Coral Certified Aquaculture Vendor status. This designation gives you the confidence that you are buying healthy corals that have recieved the most advance treatment in the world for the infectious agents causing RTN, STN and coral bleaching.

Prime Coral Certified Aquaculture vendors comply with the Prime Coral recommended health program which follows:

  1. Dipping new corals with two full treatments in Prime Coral STOP RTN dip
  2. Maintaining corals in their aquacultured system with Prime Coral Prevent RTN in-tank treatment every 2 weeks.

If outbreak occurs, then vendors follow the outbreak protocol:

  1. Immediately remove infected coral from your system and place in quarantine.
  2. Dip coral with Prime Coral STOP RTN following directions.
  3. Place dipped corals into quarantine tank.
  4. Use 50-100 micron filter socks on all drains on your main system and quarantine tank to capture free swimming parasites. Change filter socks before they overflow.
  5. Treat your main system with Prime Coral Prevent RTN following directions.
  6. Add powerheads to increase in-tank flow in main system and quarantine system.
  7. Completely remove dead coral skeleton immediately.
  8. Use Prime Coral epoxy and super-glue gel to completely cover any coral skeleton that cannot be removed.
  9. Treat quarantine tank (without fish) with Prime Coral Prevent RTN PRO (professional strength) in-tank treatment following directions.
  10. Monitor health of infected corals closely for 2 months in quarantine.
  11. Repeat Prime Coral STOP RTN coral dip every 2 days.
  12. Do not return coral to main systems until signs of infection have resolved.


Coral vendors wanting to become certified should contact Prime Coral at [email protected].