PC Roz Pink Lips Goniopora


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Very rare and beautiful color goniopora. Red, yellow and purple colors dominate palette. Short polyp goniopora. Will not tolerate direct light and must be at bottom of tank. Keep this coral partially shaded under a ledge or eggcrate. Moderate flow. Slow growing. Vibrant pink lips. Mosaic of colors on polyp face is mesmerizing and has interstellar appearance with hints of blue and green. Very rare. Collectors level.

Primary Skin Color: Red
Secondary Skin Color: Purple
Polyp Color: Yellow
Radial Corallite Color: Purple Axial (Tip)
Corallite Color: Pink
Total Number of Colors: 6
Rainbow: No
Colors: Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow
Care Requirements: Moderate
Lighting Requirements: Indirect – Low light or shade.
Water Flow Requirements: Medium – 5- 10 tank volumes turn over per hour.

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