PC Dantes Inferno Diaseris


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This diasteris is on fire! Its colors are best described as a “raging inferno” blending orange, red and purple with hints of blue and green. Just one word, “wow”! This coral likes to be at the bottom of the tank. It is kept in my 480 gallon under 400W MH/Radion LED/T5 fluorescent. This diaseris keeps growing and its color has never looked better. I have had this coral for a while and it is very happy in my main system. Very rare color morph, highly collectible.

Primary Skin Color: Red
Secondary Skin Color: Orange
Total Number of Colors: 5
Rainbow: No
Colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red
Care Requirements: Moderate
Lighting Requirements: Medium – T5 Florescent or LED equivalent.
Water Flow Requirements: Medium – 5- 10 tank volumes turn over per hour.

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