PC Crybaby Montipora

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Time to get excited. The Prime Coral Crybaby montipora has never been seen in the hobby before. This coral is one of a kind! Rare skin two color morph of montipora capricornis with purple and red skin under actinic lighting that becomes completely orange under white lights (see above). And if that wasn’t enough, this corals polyps are two completely different colors. The first is rainbow speckled with a blue mouth and orange/pink/yellow and green flecks as seen on close up macro photos above. The second polyp color is crazy fluorescent green. The fluorescent green from the polyp “bleeds” into the orange-purple skin of the coral (see magnified pictures above) and looks like “tears” streaming down out of a crybaby’s “eyes”. Absolutely stunning! Easy to keep and grows quickly. This montipora will be the envy of your fellow hobbiest’s eyes. Collectors level. Very Rare.

Primary Skin Color: Orange
Secondary Skin Color: Pink
Polyp Color: Yellow
Radial Corallite Color: Red
Number of Colors: 3
Rainbow: Yes
Colors: Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow
Required Care: Moderate
Lighting Requirements: Medium – T5 Florescent or LED equivalent.
Water Flow: Medium – 5-10 tank volumes turn over per hour.

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